It is not wise to challenge the people of God

Goliath thought he was something. Well, actually, he was quite a specimen of a man, being just three inches shy of ten feet tall, if the cubit was eighteen inches, but eleven feet, three inches tall, if the cubit was twenty-one inches, plus a span, which would be nine inches.

His boldness increased as he single-handedly challenged and defied the armies of Israel for ten days over a month,

And the Philistine drew near and presented himself forty days, morning and evening (1 Samuel 17.16).

Twice a day for forty days, this man succeeded in frightening the Israelites, increasing his self-confidence! Eighty times he made a challenge that went unanswered! However, little did he know that a young man would soon approach him and answer the challenge, because the young man did not put his confidence in himself, but in the Creator, the God of Israel.

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