The Lord makes a meal out of the vast enemies arrayed against Him

Ezekiel Bible Background

11.27.2014 Old Testament: Eze 39.17–20

To read the Bible in a year, read Ezekiel 38–39 on November 27, In the year of our Lord 2014

By Don Ruhl

Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 shows vast armies arrayed against the Lord’s people, but they did not have to fear, because the Lord would make a meal out of the enemies,

“And as for you, son of man, thus says the Lord God, ‘Speak to every sort of bird and to every beast of the field:

“Assemble yourselves and come;
Gather together from all sides to My sacrificial meal
Which I am sacrificing for you,
A great sacrificial meal on the mountains of Israel,
That you may eat flesh and drink blood.
You shall eat the flesh of the mighty,
Drink the blood of the princes of the earth,
Of rams and lambs,
Of goats and bulls,
All of them fatlings of Bashan.
You shall eat fat till you are full,
And drink blood till you are drunk,
At My sacrificial meal
Which I am sacrificing for you.
You shall be filled at My table
With horses and riders,
With mighty men
And with all the men of war,” says the Lord God.’”
(Ezekiel 39.17–20) 

How many times have we read of something like this in the Bible, and seen it in world history. The world back then arrayed itself against Israel, but the Lord defeated His enemies easily. Since the first century great enemies have tried to silence the Lord’s people in spiritual Israel, which is the church. What has happened to everyone of those enemies? They are all gone.

Therefore, world, we do not fear you, because our God works for us, and if you oppose us, He shall make a meal of you.

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