Do we need to know the Old Testament?

Jude Bible Background

12.09.2014 New Testament: Jude 11

To read the Bible in a year, read Jude on December 9, In the year of our Lord 2014

By Don Ruhl

When I hear a Christian object to learning the Old Testament, stating that we only need to know the New Testament, I think to myself, That Christian does not even know the New Testament! For example, please tell me how we can know the following passage, without knowing the Old Testament,

Woe to them! For they have gone in the way of Cain, have run greedily in the error of Balaam for profit, and perished in the rebellion of Korah (Jude 11). 

What is the way of Cain? What is the error of Balaam? What is the rebellion of Korah? You have to answer those questions without in anyway referencing, alluding to, and certainly not quoting the Old Testament. You cannot do it.

Jude assumed biblical literacy on the part of his readers, that we would automatically know to what he refers, without having to give an explanation of their Old Testament background. Yes, we have to know the Old Testament.

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