People say they will believe in God when they see Him

Deuteronomy Bible Background

03.08.2015 Old Testament: Deu 5.26–28

To read the Bible in a year, read Deuteronomy 5–7 on March 8, In the year of our Lord 2015

By Don Ruhl

Often humanists, atheists, evolutionists, and other secularists declare that they will believe God exists when they see Him. They need to learn from the children of Israel, for when they saw the glory of God and heard His voice, they said to Moses,

“For who is there of all flesh who has heard the voice of the living God speaking from the midst of the fire, as we have, and lived? You go near and hear all that the Lord our God may say, and tell us all that the Lord our God says to you, and we will hear and do it.” 

When the Lord heard what Israel said, He agreed with them, that Moses should be the go-between, as Moses said,

“Then the Lord heard the voice of your words when you spoke to me, and the Lord said to me: ‘I have heard the voice of the words of this people which they have spoken to you. They are right in all that they have spoken’” (Deuteronomy 5.26–28). 

If secularists could see the glory of God and hear His voice, they would not survive the experience, and they would wish that they had not seen Him nor heard His voice. Yet, the time approaches rapidly when they shall stand before Him at the Judgment, and having rejected Him during their lives on the Earth, they will see and hear Him as a foe and not as a friend.

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