The circumcision of Jesus

Luke Bible Background

03.21.2015 New Testament: Luke 2.21

To read the Bible in a year, read Luke 2.1–24 on March 21, In the year of our Lord 2015

By Don Ruhl

The parents of Jesus obeyed the Law, which means they had Jesus circumcised on the eighth day, and at that time, they announced His name to the world,

And when eight days were completed for the circumcision of the Child, His name was called Jesus, the name given by the angel before He was conceived in the womb (Luke 2.21). 

Jesus knew that He would be circumcised as a baby and the pain that would involve. Nevertheless, He still came into this world as our Savior, and He also knew that about 33 and a half years later, men would crucify Him, but He would allow it to save us from our sins. Therefore, His name appropriately is Jesus, meaning Savior.

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