The Lord delivers

Acts Bible Background

07.04.2015 New Testament: Acts 12.10–11

To read the Bible in a year, read Acts 12 on July 4, In the year of our Lord 2015

By Don Ruhl

The Lord sent an angel to release Peter from prison, but he thought that he only had a dream—you know how real dreams can seem. Anyway, when enough time and actions had transpired, he knew the deliverance to be real,

When they were past the first and the second guard posts, they came to the iron gate that leads to the city, which opened to them of its own accord; and they went out and went down one street, and immediately the angel departed from him. And when Peter had come to himself, he said, “Now I know for certain that the Lord has sent His angel, and has delivered me from the hand of Herod and from all the expectation of the Jewish people” (Acts 12.10–11). 

The Lord lets us get into hot water, then He delivers us, but eventually the time arrives that He calls us home and we die. Work for the Lord with all your might all the time, and He will take care of the rest, as He did with Peter.

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