If the Lord uses you, do not boast against Him

Isaiah Bible Background

09.27.2015 Old Testament: Isa 10.16–19

To read the Bible in a year, read Isaiah 10–12 on September 27, In the year of our Lord 2015

By Don Ruhl

The Lord used Assyria against Israel, but Assyria bragged as though by their own power they defeated Israel. The Lord told Assyria that they should learn from the ax, that it does not boast itself against the one who chops with it. Then the Lord said,

Therefore the Lord, the Lord of hosts,
Will send leanness among his fat ones;
And under his glory
He will kindle a burning
Like the burning of a fire.
So the Light of Israel will be for a fire,
And his Holy One for a flame;
It will burn and devour
His thorns and his briers in one day.
And it will consume the glory of his forest and of his fruitful field,
Both soul and body;
And they will be as when a sick man wastes away.
Then the rest of the trees of his forest
Will be so few in number
That a child may write them.
(Isaiah 10.16–19) 

The Lord humbled Israel, He would also humble Assyria. Ultimately Israel prevailed and Assyria failed.

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