When spiritual Babylon would fall

Revelation Bible Background

12.27.2015 New Testament: Rev 18.14–15

To read the Bible in a year, read Revelation 18 on December 27, In the year of our Lord 2015

By Don Ruhl

The larger something becomes, the more people build their lives around it. In the case of evil, this is also true. Thus when the prime enemy of the church grows strong and popular, it causes many to depend upon it for a livelihood and so on.

Therefore, when something large falls, it brings down many with it, as in the case of spiritual Babylon,

The fruit that your soul longed for has gone from you, and all the things which are rich and splendid have gone from you, and you shall find them no more at all. The merchants of these things, who became rich by her, will stand at a distance for fear of her torment, weeping and wailing… (Revelation 18.14–15). 

Even the lives of the saints can depend upon a large entity such as this, simply because it drives the economy, but the Lord uses the wealth of the sinner for His people. Therefore, when evil falls, His people do not have to despair, but they can know that the Lord shall continue to take care of them, using another means.

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