Do as the Lord commands

Numbers Bible Background

02.19.2016 Old Testament: Num 1.54

To read the Bible in a year, read Numbers 1–2 on February 19, In the year of our Lord 2016

By Don Ruhl

Some people actually believe that the problem of the Pharisees is that they adhered strictly to the Scriptures, but my friends, that gives them credit which they do not deserve. They did not obey the Lord in all things, nor would the Lord ever condemn someone for doing all that He said to do. No, He commended people when they did all that He said to do, as the following text makes evident just by its inclusion in the Scriptures,

Thus the children of Israel did; according to all that the LORD commanded Moses, so they did (Numbers 1.54).

Does that not give you the impression that the Lord approved of Israel on this occasion? If He did, and if you believe He also condemned the Pharisees for adherence to His word, do you think you need to reform your thinking?

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