Even the greatest nations fall

Jeremiah Bible Background

11.09.2016 – Old Testament: Jer 51.24–26

To read the Bible in a year, read Jeremiah 51–52 on November 9, In the year of our Lord 2016

By Don Ruhl

Among the world’s greatest civilizations is Babylon, yet, it no longer exists, in fact, it has left nothing for our world today, whereas, Rome and Greece still influence governments, athletics, and so on, but you cannot find a trace of Babylon in today’s society. If there is something, please let me know! God used Babylon to punish His people, but they did things against Judah and Jerusalem that the Lord did not authorize. Therefore, He ended Babylon,

“And I will repay Babylon
And all the inhabitants of Chaldea
For all the evil they have done
In Zion in your sight,” says the LORD.
“Behold, I am against you, O destroying mountain,
Who destroys all the earth,” says the LORD.
“And I will stretch out My hand against you,
Roll you down from the rocks,
And make you a burnt mountain.
They shall not take from you a stone for a corner
Nor a stone for a foundation,
But you shall be desolate forever,” says the LORD.
(Jeremiah 51.24–26) 

The Lord God brings down even the mightiest of nations, for what nation has built defenses that could keep the Lord out, and what nation has built a weapon that could obliterate the Lord?

Since He created all things, He can say how people and nations should live. If they fail to meet His standards, even after He has sent preachers to turn them from their ways, He has the right and the power to remove them.


  • Do you acknowledge in your mind, the authority of God over your life?
  • Is there a part of your life that you try to keep from Him?

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