The Lord tears, the Lord heals

Hosea Bible Background

12.10.2016 Old Testament: Hos 6.1–3

To read the Bible in a year, read Hosea 5–8 on December 10, In the year of our Lord 2016

By Don Ruhl

Yes, the Lord deals harshly, but when He sees a change of life, He heals. This was the message to the nation of Israel during the days of Hosea,

Come, and let us return to the Lord;
For He has torn, but He will heal us;
He has stricken, but He will bind us up.
After two days He will revive us;
On the third day He will raise us up,
That we may live in His sight.
Let us know,
Let us pursue the knowledge of the Lord.
His going forth is established as the morning;
He will come to us like the rain,
Like the latter and former rain to the earth.
(Hosea 6.1–3) 

The key in this passage was to pursue the knowledge of the Lord, for Israel had knowledge of idols, but they did not know their own true and living God. Therefore, by knowing Him, they would find the healing they so earnestly desired.

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