They condemned themselves

Matthew Bible Background

02.01.2017 – New Testament: Matt 21.38–41

To read the Bible in a year, read Matthew 21.23–46 on February 1, In the year of our Lord 2017

By Don Ruhl

Jesus spoke a parable to His critics about some workers who persecuted the servants that the owner of a vineyard sent. Then the owner decided to send his son, believing that the workers would respect his son,

“But when the vinedressers saw the son, they said among themselves, This is the heir. Come, let us kill him and seize his inheritance. So they took him and cast him out of the vineyard and killed him. Therefore, when the owner of the vineyard comes, what will he do to those vinedressers?” They said to Him, “He will destroy those wicked men miserably, and lease his vineyard to other vinedressers who will render to him the fruits in their seasons” (Matthew 21.38–41). 

The enemies of Jesus did not realize that He trapped them, and they condemned themselves, for they imitated the workers, the vinedressers, in this parable. The son of the owner represented Jesus and the owner represented the Father.

Often we sin without realizing it. Therefore, let us pray to the Lord that He show us our sin that we might repent of it all.


  • What sin had you been committing that you discovered later in life?
  • Have you repented of that sin?

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