When God appeared on a mountain

Exodus Bible Background

01.29.2018 – Old Testament: Exo 19.16

To read the Bible in a year, read Exodus 19–21 on January 29, In the year of our Lord 2018

By Don Ruhl

People say they do not believe in God because they cannot see Him, assuming that seeing God would be a pleasant experience. However, picture what Israel saw and heard upon Mount Sinai,

Then it came to pass on the third day, in the morning, that there were thunderings and lightnings, and a thick cloud on the mountain; and the sound of the trumpet was very loud, so that all the people who were in the camp trembled (Exodus 19.16).

Just the surroundings of God frightened the people. What would a full revelation do? We should rejoice that for the time, we cannot see God, otherwise, fear would pierce our souls.


  • Are you so living that when you see God at the Judgment, He will see you as a friend and not as a foe?
  • What do you expect to see when you see God?

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