A glorious blessing

Numbers Bible Background

02.21.2019 – Old Testament: Num 6.22–27

To read the Bible in a year, read Numbers 5–6 on February 21, In the year of our Lord Christ 2019

By Don Ruhl

After the Lord explained the law of the Nazirite, He then spoke to Moses and told him how the high priest could bring a blessing to Israel:

And the LORD spoke to Moses, saying: “Speak to Aaron and his sons, saying, This is the way you shall bless the children of Israel. Say to them:

The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.

So they shall put My name on the children of Israel, and I will bless them” (Numbers 6.22–27).

While the world wishes “Good Luck” upon you, the Lord declared how the priests could bless the children of Israel. The blessing did not come through some blind force, but it came from the Creator Himself. He was the One who could bless and keep Israel, He was the One who could make His face shine upon them and bring grace and peace into their lives. Is the Lord still the source of blessings to His people in the church today?


  • Do you wish your fellow Christians good luck?
  • Why do good things happen in the world?

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One thought on “A glorious blessing

  1. This wee mind doesn’t know much, but I suspect that the refusal to recognize God and the wishing of luck for oneself and others turns people to mysticism and stars and worshiping the creation rather than the Creator. Let God fill our minds and aspirations!

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