Those who hurt you will fall

Psalms Bible Background

07.31.2019 – Old Testament: Psa 63.9–10

To read the Bible in a year, read Psalms 62–64 on July 31, In the year of our Lord 2019 

By Don Ruhl 

David had seen time and again what happened to those who sought to harm him, and he wrote it down for us in Psalm 63 that we might know the same holds true for us, 

But those who seek my life, to destroy it,
Shall go into the lower parts of the earth.
They shall fall by the sword;
They shall be a portion for jackals.

– Psalm 63.9–10 

Read David’s life in First and Second Samuel, and you will see the truth. I have also observed that anyone who has sought to fight against me, has also suffered humiliation, not because of what I have done, but I have sought to the follow the Lord, and He has helped me. 


  • Do you see the Lord working in David’s life? 
  • Do you see the Lord working in your life? 

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