The sword of the Lord cannot be quiet

Jeremiah Bible Background

Old Testament: Jer 47.6–7

To read the Bible in a year, read Jeremiah 46–48 on November 7, In the year of our Lord Christ 2019

By Don Ruhl

When the Lord determines to send war against a nation because of its sin, His sword will not rest quietly:

“O you sword of the LORD,
How long until you are quiet?
Put yourself up into your scabbard,
Rest and be still!
How can it be quiet,
Seeing the LORD has given it a charge
Against Ashkelon and against the seashore?
There He has appointed it.”

– Jeremiah 47.6–7

We hate to see what happens when the Lord’s sword is unleashed, but when He gives it a charge, it must fulfill its duty!


  • What can you do to make sure that the sword of the Lord does not descend upon your nation?
  • Do you believe that God cares about every nation on earth?

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