Israel faced the vicious power of Assyria 

Old Testament: Isa 7.20–25

To read the Bible in a year, read Isaiah 7–9 on September 26, In the year of our Lord 2021

By Don Ruhl 

Israel refused to repent of its sins and so God used Isaiah to tell them what was coming from a horrible enemy: 

In the same day the Lord will shave with a hired razor,
With those from beyond the River, with the king of Assyria,
The head and the hair of the legs,
And will also remove the beard.
It shall be in that day
That a man will keep alive a young cow and two sheep;
So it shall be, from the abundance of milk they give,
That he will eat curds;
For curds and honey everyone will eat who is left in the land.
It shall happen in that day,
That wherever there could be a thousand vines
Worth a thousand shekels of silver, 

It will be for briers and thorns.
With arrows and bows men will come there,
Because all the land will become briers and thorns.
And to any hill which could be dug with the hoe,
You will not go there for fear of briers and thorns;
But it will become a range for oxen
And a place for sheep to roam.

– Isaiah 7.20–25 

Assyria would destroy the northern kingdom of Israel, decimating its economy and ruining the land. Even with that threat, Israel still refused to repent. 


  • What does it take to get you to repent? 
  • What do you think of people who will not repent? 

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