Egypt must have been very beautiful at one time 

Old Testament: Eze 30.13–19
To read the Bible in a year, read Ezekiel 29–31 on November 23, In the year of our Lord 2021

By Don Ruhl 

We see Egypt now and it just seems like a desert with some ancient ruins scattered around, but those ruins show a past glorious nation. What happened? The Lord said this of Egypt, 

Thus says the Lord GOD: 

“I will also destroy the idols,
And cause the images to cease from Noph;
There shall no longer be princes from the land of Egypt;
I will put fear in the land of Egypt.
I will make Pathros desolate,
Set fire to Zoan,
And execute judgments in No.
I will pour My fury on Sin, the strength of Egypt;
I will cut off the multitude of No,
And set a fire in Egypt;
Sin shall have great pain,
No shall be split open,
And Noph shall be in distress daily.
The young men of Aven and Pi Beseth shall fall by the sword,
And these cities shall go into captivity.
At Tehaphnehes the day shall also be darkened,
When I break the yokes of Egypt there.
And her arrogant strength shall cease in her;
As for her, a cloud shall cover her,
And her daughters shall go into captivity.
Thus I will execute judgments on Egypt,
Then they shall know that I am the LORD.”

– Ezekiel 30.13–19 

Egypt did not glorify God. Therefore God humbled Egypt. It is a common story among the nations. The God of heaven raises up a nation. The nation acknowledges God. Later generations denounce belief in God. God brings the nation down. 

Who is responsible for the good in your nation? 
Do you give thanks to God often? 

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