New Testament: Acts 20.13

To read the Bible in a year, read Acts 20.1–16 on July 17,In the year of our Lord 2022

By Don Ruhl 

Do you walk? Our modern transportation has deprived us of this magnificent blessing with which God has made us. It does not even occur to most people to walk somewhere; instead they would rather drive or be driven to the location. Granted, often that is necessary, but whenever you can, try walking, and you will discover that speed in traveling has deprived you of somethings. 

When Paul traveled, he took transportation, because sometimes he needed to get to a location quickly, but he also knew the benefits of walking, 

Then we went ahead to the ship and sailed to Assos, there intending to take Paul on board; for so he had given orders, intending himself to go on foot.

– Acts 20.13 

It is hard to know how far he had to walk, but it was at least 50 miles! Why did he want to walk? Perhaps he just needed the time alone. Perhaps he knew it would be good for him in several ways. 

If you are not a walker, start. Do not make it long at first. See what it does to your mind, especially if you do it after having read the word of God. 

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