God loves order and design 

Old Testament: Eze 40.47–49

To read the Bible in a year, read Ezekiel 40 on November 28, In the year of our Lord Christ 2022

By Don Ruhl 

Look at all of creation and you will see that the Creator loves order and design. You can also see this in the temple that he showed Ezekiel. Chapter 40 ends in this manner: 

And he measured the court, one hundred cubits long and one hundred cubits wide, foursquare. The altar was in front of the temple. Then he brought me to the vestibule of the temple and measured the doorposts of the vestibule, five cubits on this side and five cubits on that side; and the width of the gateway was three cubits on this side and three cubits on that side. The length of the vestibule was twenty cubits, and the width eleven cubits; and by the steps which led up to it there were pillars by the doorposts, one on this side and another on that side.

– Ezekiel 40.47–49 

Everything was measured and everything was precise. That sounds just like our God. If he did not love order and design, life would not exist in the natural world, but it does and that is because of how he arranged things. 

Therefore, in this temple that he showed the prophet, you can see order and design continuing. Whatever the temple is, it reflects the Great Designer. 


  • Where else do you see God’s love of order and design? 
  • What is the most beautiful thing in God’s creation in your opinion? 

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