Trust the Lord in the darkness 

New Testament: John 6.16–17

To read the Bible in a year, read John 6.1–21 on May 16, In the year of our Lord Christ 2023

By Don Ruhl 

Crossing a lake at night can be frightening, which is what the apostles did when Jesus left them for a time to pray in a mountain: “Now when evening came, His disciples went down to the sea, got into the boat, and went over the sea toward Capernaum. And it was already dark, and Jesus had not come to them” (John 6.16–17). 

Although they were twelve men, they would soon be frightened because a storm came up, but the Lord Jesus soon appeared to them, walking on the water, which frightened them even more, but he assured them who he was. 

No matter what you experience in life, the Lord knows what you are experiencing and he is there for you. Call upon him. 


  • To what city did the apostles try to go? 
  • Are you afraid of the dark? 

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Don preaches with the Savage Street Church of Christ in Grants Pass, Oregon. 

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