Jesus stayed wherever He desired because the world belongs to Him

John Bible Background

05.27.2016 New Testament: John 10.40

To read the Bible in a year, read John 10.22–42 on May 27, In the year of our Lord 2016

By Don Ruhl

Jesus loved people. Therefore, He sought to be with people, but sometimes He had to get away, nevertheless, the crowds still found Him and He did not turn them away. John wrote briefly of one of the places where Jesus stayed,

And He went away again beyond the Jordan to the place where John was baptizing at first, and there He stayed (John 10.40).

He went to the place where John had baptized many people. Did Jesus camp? Did He stay in someone’s home? The Bible does not say, but we just know that He had what He needed there.


  • What do you need for daily living?
  • Could you do with less?
  • If the Lord blessed you with more, would it make you feel guilty?

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