Why do you neglect taking what the Lord has give you?

Joshua Bible Background

03.26.2017 – Old Testament: Jos 18.2–3

To read the Bible in a year, read Joshua 16–17 on March 26, In the year of our Lord 2017

By Don Ruhl

Apparently not all the tribes of Israel took their inheritance eagerly, after all it required work and fighting to take what the Lord had given them.

But there remained among the children of Israel seven tribes which had not yet received their inheritance. Then Joshua said to the children of Israel: “How long will you neglect to go and possess the land which the LORD God of your fathers has given you?” (Joshua 18.2–3). 

Yes, they had to work and fight, but they knew that they would have success in doing so. Sometimes Israel demanded that the Lord give them what they wanted, and other times He had to tell them to take what He had given!


  • Have you neglected to take advantage of some promise of God?
  • Why do you hesitate?

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