Be careful to follow child-rearing instructions

Judges Bible Background

04.04.2017 – Old Testament: Jdg 13.13–14

To read the Bible in a year, read Judges 12–14 on April 4, In the year of our Lord 2017

By Don Ruhl

The Lord sent an angel to the future mother of Samson, and she told her husband about the angelic visit. Then her husband prayed that the Lord would send the angel back to teach the both of them what they should do for the child once born,

So the Angel of the LORD said to Manoah, “Of all that I said to the woman let her be careful. She may not eat anything that comes from the vine, nor may she drink wine or similar drink, nor eat anything unclean. All that I commanded her let her observe” (Judges 13.13–14). 

The angel spoke of the Nazirite vow in particular, but in principle what he said applies to all that the Lord teaches in His word on rearing children. Let us observe carefully what He teaches on how we are to train these precious gifts that He gives us.


  • Do you follow the Bible in rearing your children?
  • If not, what have you done instead?

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