Find mercy from the Lord when you need it

2 Timothy Bible Background

10.27.2017 – New Testament: 2Ti 1.18

To read the Bible in a year, read Second Timothy 1 on October 27, In the year of our Lord 2017

By Don Ruhl

Paul spoke of Onesiphorus and his service toward Paul, that he was not ashamed of Paul’s chains, but looked for him zealously and then blessed him. In return, Paul said,

The Lord grant to him that he may find mercy from the Lord in that Day—and you know very well how many ways he ministered to me at Ephesus (2 Timothy 1.18). 

For serving a man of God, Onesiphorus would find mercy from the Lord “in that Day,” the Day of Judgment, and that is when we will all need it. Therefore, remember to serve others that the Lord may show you His mercy.


  • Do you serve others or expect to be served?
  • What can you do to serve a worker in the church?

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