The power and authority of the words of Jesus

Matthew Bible Background

New Testament: Mark 9.25–27

To read the Bible in a year, read Mark 9.1–29 on March 2, In the year of our Lord Christ 2020

By Don Ruhl

Jesus was about to cast out an unclean spirit from a man’s son and when the people saw this, they went running to Him:

When Jesus saw that the people came running together, He rebuked the unclean spirit, saying to it, “Deaf and dumb spirit, I command you, come out of him and enter him no more!” Then the spirit cried out, convulsed him greatly, and came out of him. And he became as one dead, so that many said, “He is dead.” But Jesus took him by the hand and lifted him up, and he arose.

– Mark 9.25–27

As you saw, the unclean spirit did not want to cooperate with Jesus, fighting the whole way, but Jesus had the power and the authority to order the unclean spirit to come out of this man’s son, and Jesus had the power and authority to forbid the unclean spirit from returning.

The word of Jesus shows even greater power when it saves a lost soul from hell.


  • What did the people conclude when the unclean spirit went out?
  • Are you saved from hell?

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