When a strong leader dies 

Old Testament: Deu 31.24–29

To read the Bible in a year, read Deuteronomy 31–32 on March 18, In the year of our Lord 2022

By Don Ruhl 

When a strong leader dies, shall his organization continue as it did under his leadership, or shall it abandon the ideals upon which he built that organization? We can apply the same question to religious people. Consider what Moses said concerning his impending death, 

So it was, when Moses had completed writing the words of this law in a book, when they were finished, that Moses commanded the Levites, who bore the ark of the covenant of the LORD, saying: “Take this Book of the Law, and put it beside the ark of the covenant of the LORD your God, that it may be there as a witness against you; for I know your rebellion and your stiff neck. If today, while I am yet alive with you, you have been rebellious against the LORD, then how much more after my death? Gather to me all the elders of your tribes, and your officers, that I may speak these words in their hearing and call heaven and earth to witness against them. For I know that after my death you will become utterly corrupt, and turn aside from the way which I have commanded you. And evil will befall you in the latter days, because you will do evil in the sight of the LORD, to provoke Him to anger through the work of your hands.”

– Deuteronomy 31.24–29 

If you know biblical history, you know that what Moses said came to pass just as he said that it would! Note especially that his passing would open the door for some people to become corrupt. 

Knowing this truth, be sure that you remain strong in the Lord and in His word so that when a strong leader in your life passes away, you will not fall from the Lord, but that you will remain loyal to the Lord all the days of your life. 


  • Have you known some strong leaders in the church? 
  • What happened after they died? 

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