Would you challenge Jesus? 

New Testament: Luke 20.40

To read the Bible in a year, read Luke 20.27–47 on April 26, In the year of our Lord Christ 2022

By Don Ruhl 

Every time the enemies of Jesus tried to trip him up with their questions and challenges, he silenced them, until finally they gave up: 

But after that they dared not question Him anymore.

– Luke 20.40 

They finally realized that they had to give up that tactic and try something else to get rid of him, or to discredit him in the eyes of the people. 

Eventually they found reasons to kill him, but even then, they played right into his plans and they did not even know it. 


  • If they could not silence him, what did that say of him? 
  • Have you tried to challenge the Lord before but found that it was futile to do so? 

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