Repent, fully repent 

Old Testament: 2Ki 13.3–7

To read the Bible in a year, read Second Kings 12–14 on May 15, In the year of our Lord 2022

By Don Ruhl 

The story of Israel in the Old Testament shows sin, repentance, oppression, rescue, and sin again, such as in this case: 

Then the anger of the LORD was aroused against Israel, and He delivered them into the hand of Hazael king of Syria, and into the hand of Ben-hadad the son of Hazael, all their days. So Jehoahaz pleaded with the LORD, and the LORD listened to him; for He saw the oppression of Israel, because the king of Syria oppressed them. Then the LORD gave Israel a deliverer, so that they escaped from under the hand of the Syrians; and the children of Israel dwelt in their tents as before. Nevertheless they did not depart from the sins of the house of Jeroboam, who had made Israel sin, but walked in them; and the wooden image also remained in Samaria. For He left of the army of Jehoahaz only fifty horsemen, ten chariots, and ten thousand foot soldiers; for the king of Syria had destroyed them and made them like the dust at threshing.

– 2 Kings 13.3–7 

Why did Israel not learn? Why did they keep sinning, even after the Lord sent foreign invaders after them? 


  • Why do you keep sinning? 
  • How much do you have to suffer before you quit sinning? 

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