When the preacher delays a visit 

New Testament: John 11.6

To read the Bible in a year, read John 11.1–17 on May 28, In the year of our Lord Christ 2022

By Don Ruhl 

Mary and Martha sent a message to their dear friend Jesus that their brother Lazarus was sick, and when Jesus heard it, he said that the sickness of Lazarus was not unto death, but ultimately it was that the Son of God would receive glory through it. 

Yet, note what John shows Jesus did: 

So, when He heard that he was sick, He stayed two more days in the place where He was.

– John 11.6 

Do you know what happens when a preacher delays a visit, especially for someone who is very ill? He gets in trouble. He will be criticized. And people criticized Jesus for not being present when Lazarus was sick and then died. 

However, Jesus had a reason for delaying. He wanted to let Lazarus die that Jesus might raise him from the dead, and by that resurrection Jesus would show the world that he is the Son of God. 

If your preacher does not immediately drop everything when you are ill, there may be a reason for it. Just put your life in the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ and he shall continue to be with you. 


  • Do you visit people in the church? 
  • Do you visit the members of your congregation in the hospital? 

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