We cannot do what is right in our own eyes 

Old Testament: Deu 12.8–9

To read the Bible in a year, read Deuteronomy 11–13 on March 10, In the year of our Lord Christ 2023

By Don Ruhl 

How many times did Israel follow their own hearts during the wilderness wanderings (not that Israel is the only one to follow the heart rather than the Lord), and how often did they suffer for it? Therefore, Moses said to Israel: 

“You shall not at all do as we are doing here today—every man doing whatever is right in his own eyes—for as yet you have not come to the rest and the inheritance which the LORD your God is giving you.”

– Deuteronomy 12.8–9 

The Lord delayed their entrance into the Land of Canaan, because they followed their hearts rather than the commandments of God. Yet, what we hear so much in the world today, and often in the church, is that we should follow our hearts and that we should believe in ourselves. 

However, the Bible contains many stories of people who did exactly those things and suffered the consequences. The Holy Spirit gave us the Scriptures that we might learn the right way to go in life, which comes by believing in and following the Lord our God. 


  • Who do you take as a guide for your life? 
  • Who do you encourage people to follow? 

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Don preaches with the Savage Street Church of Christ in Grants Pass, Oregon. 

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