Rejoice at the news of a newborn 

New Testament: Luke 1.57–58

To read the Bible in a year, read Luke 1.57–80 on March 20, In the year of our Lord 2023

By Don Ruhl 

Elizabeth was old, but she and her husband still wanted a child. The Lord blessed them and gave them a son, whom we know as John the Baptist. Watch how her neighbors and relatives responded to his birth, 

Now Elizabeth’s full time came for her to be delivered, and she brought forth a son. When her neighbors and relatives heard how the Lord had shown great mercy to her, they rejoiced with her.

– Luke 1.57–58 

They did not shame her for having a child late in life, nor were they embarrassed, but they were glad for her. She brought a boy into the world who would in turn introduce Someone else into the world, and the world has never been the same since. 


  • How do you view newborns? 
  • How do you view women who have children late in life? 

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