When someone thinks you are incompetent 

Old Testament: 2Sa 5.8

To read the Bible in a year, read Second Samuel 4–6 on April 22, In the year of our Lord Christ 2023

By Don Ruhl 

The time arrived for King David to take Jerusalem, but the current inhabitants, the Jebusites, thought that David did not have the capabilities to take it. They said that even the blind and lame among them could repel David and his army. However, David knew what to do: 

Now David said on that day, “Whoever climbs up by way of the water shaft and defeats the Jebusites (the lame and the blind, who are hated by David’s soul), he shall be chief and captain.” Therefore they say, “The blind and the lame shall not come into the house.”

– 2 Samuel 5.8 

And guess what? David took the city and the Jebusites no longer exist. The Jebusites had self-confidence, but David had God-confidence. God-confidence will beat self-confidence any day. 

The lame and blind among the Jebusites thought that they could stop David and his army, and so he set himself against them and won the victory. 


  • Why do you think that the Lord wanted Jerusalem as Israel’s capital? 
  • Do you believe in yourself or in God? 

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